18 May

Finding the Best Value in Budget Construction

Budget Construction Inc., 1366 Siegfried Pl, Bronx, NY hold a Home Improvement Contractor's license based on the New York state license board. Their BuildZoom rating of 90 means they are indeed registered or licensed but don't have additional information on them. This company is one of the many that offer low priced contracts to contractors who bid low. It is a scam in some ways, because these companies aren't regulated when it comes to health and safety regulations. It is a big joke indeed. 

Their BuildZoom program is designed for the lowest bid only. Once the lowest bidder has been made, all further bids increase by a factor of ten unless you are specifically requested to increase your bid further.

 In this case, the lowest bidder wins the contract, the contractor gets paid and you as the client are nothing but the loser in this transaction. 

When an architect designs a building, he should consider the budget, the current trends in design and materials and the technical specification in advance of bidding for a job. 

If you are the lowest bidder and you ask the architect to provide you with cost overruns at the end of the project, the architect will simply refuse to provide you with the cost overruns. 

The reason why? He would rather make a bigger profit on the design intent of his project than provide you with unnecessary costs. 

Isn't it funny how architects always resist providing you with any cost overruns? I believe that most clients would never want their architect to go to such lengths just to get paid. At the end of the day, we need good professionals in the building industry. 

We need budget construction projects that we can rely on and trust. Otherwise, we might end up hiring people who we will have to pay for over a decade to come because the budget construction projects were not profitable. 

There are many instances where I have received bids for a project from a professional architect. Once I examined the bid, I found out that the budget was really inflated. The total budget construction cost was far greater than what the project was worth. I then turned down that particular architect and requested another one. 

Some other things to check is if the designer is aware of the flexibilities within the building and how you can save money within the budget construction projects. 

Often, we only find out later on that there are ways we can have made the project profitable.

 I have seen too many projects where the architect's bids are so inflated that the designers themselves don't know if they can afford to build the building. 

They are trying to get as much work done as possible. This is why we should always consider the lowest bid or price when looking to have a project completed. I often work with the lowest bidder or price in my overall budget construction. 

Most people think that if the lowest bid doesn't give them the profit that they want, then it's not worth spending a lot of money on the project. 

However, that isn't always the case. I have bids that are less than twenty percent below the lowest bid in order to save me money and to make my overall budget go even farther. These types of details are often overlooked by architects. 

Remember, if the budget doesn't allow for the best materials and the best designs, then you will always get the worse end of the stick. 

If you spend less than 20% on your overall budget construction, you will have to keep that number in mind, because you are going to get the best value of your money. You will also be happier with the results because you will see that the budget construction is more cost effective and efficient.


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